My Trip to Abu Dhabi

I travelled to Abu Dhabi and India on business from May 24th through June 9th, 2001. Here are some pictures I took in Abu Dhabi. The pictures of India can be found at India Pictures.

The Airport

The Abu Dhabi airport had this cool structure, where a column on the ground floor duty-free shopping area rose to become the ceiling of the waiting area above it. Here are three pictures of that.

Lower level
Looking up
Upper level

The Hotel

I stayed at the Abu Dhabi Hilton, which was very nice. Here are two pictures of my room.

Facing the door
Facing the window

Here is a shot from the back of the hotel.

Looking out from the rear of the hotel

I had a nice view from my room. Here are two shots of Abu Dhabi from my room.

Looking out the main window up The Corniche
Looking out the side window across The Corniche

The hotel also had some interesting touches. Here is a little bridge than ran behind some gift shops.

Bridge in hotel

The Corniche

The Corniche is an area that runs along the Persian Gulf. Corniche Road runs along this area, and I stopped at a small parking area there and took some pictures. The photos are from down The Corniche going against traffic.

Looking down The Corniche
World's smallest beach?
Funky car
Boat on the Gulf
Strange plane
Pearl Fountain
Looking up The Corniche
Cool building

The Persian Gulf

The Hilton has it's own section of beach on the Persian Gulf. There is a tunnel with murals that runs to the beach area under Corniche Road. Here are three photos of the tunnel.

Entrance to the tunnel
In the middle of the tunnel
At the beach end of the tunnel

Here are three photos of the beach.

Looking out from the back of the beach
Looking toward the sunset
The Persian Gulf and its skyline

Here are two photos of people strolling along the beach.
Several people
Local attire

Alyssa would love this place. By the beach are pools, and one pool has a small waterslide. Here is a photo of the waterslide.

Pool waterslide


Etisalat is the company I worked with in Abu Dhabi. It is much bigger than I thought it would be. I assumed it was like 4Anything -- only a few people. In fact, it is the United Arab Emirate's phone/wireless/Internet company, with some 8000 people. Here are three shots of the front of the building I worked in.

Front door
Above the front door
All the way to the top

Here is one shot of the rear of the building I worked in, with Etisalat's main building in the reflection.
Rear with reflection

Here is a shot of Etisalat's main building, distinctive because of the large ball on its top.
Main building


There is a small shopping mall near Etisalat. It has some very cool architecture. I took pictures of a cool sculpture that runs up into a skylight. These two photos are from the first floor.

Sculpture and skylight

These two photos are from the second floor.
Sculpture top

There is a large marina they are building out on a man-made breakwater in the Persian Gulf. There is a mall and restaurant there, too, and I got some pictures of those. Here are ten shots of the mall.

Marina Mall outside (I don't know why it's a bad shot)
Rock column, ground floor
Rock column, upper floor
The circus ceiling
Roof peak
Jungle dome medium
Jungle dome close up
Underground parking
The marina and city
The marina and my hotel (second building from the left)

The Marina

The marina is still under construction, but it has some nice views. Here are eight pictures of the marina, shot from the roof of a building.

Marina panorama #1
Marina panorama #2
Marina panorama #3
Marina panorama #4
Marina panorama #5
Marina panorama #6
Marina panorama #7
Marina tower

The marina also had a little playground that Alyssa might have liked. Here are two pictures of that.

Playground from roof
Playground from ground

Sheik Zayed

Sheik Zayed is the leader of the United Arab Emirates, and by all accounts a pretty good one. There are pictures of him all over Abu Dhabi, including one on that funky car above. There is also this large mural wall near my hotel that I thought was cool, so I took some photos of that. Here are two photos of the mural.

From across the street
Close up

There is also this cool castle-like sign next to the mural. Here is a picture of that.

Castle sign

Finally, here is one photo of the mural and castle sign from my hotel.

Mural and castle sign

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