Nostalgia -- It's Not What It Used to Be

Published in the Hollister Free Lance, April 3, 1998
Dear Editor:

In the March 16 Free Lance, Daniel Maese went meandering down memory lane. Unfortunately, I find myself wondering how selective that memory is.

He remembers "mexicatessans" (something I'd never heard of before) offering authentic Mexican food, as opposed to Taco Bell. However, aren't Taquerias supposed to offer authentic Mexican food? (Not being Mexican, nor having ever been to Mexico, I only have a vague understanding of what "authentic" may mean....)

He remembers when rap was something given by nuns on the knuckles instead of a form of music. I'm sorry, but I don't think teachers should hit students, nor should students hit teachers. Call me odd.

He remembers when "byte" was something a dog did. Really? I guess he doesn't remember his spelling very well, as real dogs "bite".

He remembers when "hertz" was what it felt like after a whipping, this time not only forgetting his spelling, but any physics he may have taken. Hertz (meaning cycles per second) has been around for a very long time, possibly longer than Mr. Maese.

He also forgets some fads that are best forgotten from the past (I'm assuming he's referring to the 50s and 60s or so, and will limit my suggestions to that period) -- legalized segregation, playing chicken in cars, and digging bomb shelters because of the threat of nuclear war to name three.

Like any period in history, there are good things about the current time and there are bad things. It seems the longer ago something is, the more fondly we remember it. Unfortunately, nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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