UND-PS Researchers Create World's Fastest Processor

Pig Slop, North Dakota Researchers at the University of North Dakota - Pig Slop have created the world's fastest computer microprocessor. Known as a RISC chip (for Reduced Instruction Set Computing), the team of Clem and Zeke Watkins have created a chip running at 4 GHz.

When asked about their breakthrough, Clem said, "We have taken RISC architecture about as far as it can go." Zeke added, "The processor is an eight-bit architecture, and includes only an Add instruction. As we can address only 256 bytes of memory, we don't have any If or Branch instructions."

Clem admitted the microprocessor in its current state isn't very useful, but claimed, "This was only a demonstration of the technology. Our next version will be much more useful." Asked what features would be in the next version, Zeke said, "We'll be adding a Subtract instruction. Once that is added, we can process the North Dakota census data in record time."

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