(Dedicated to Rosie, 1/11/96 - 9/23/96)

She didn't mean to hurt you, Rosie,
She was only trying to play.
She was just putting you in your cage,
Just putting you away.

She tried to put you down your tube,
but must have pushed too hard.
I found your body lying still,
Getting cold and getting hard.

You know she really loved you,
and wasn't trying to hurt.
But accidents can't be undone,
So we'll put you in the dirt.

And although you weren't with us long,
Please know that you'll be missed.
This is not how it was s'posed to be,
Nobody wanted this.

But this is all we have to give
To show we really care.
And if there's a hamster heaven,
I hope that you are there.

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